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How to become a citizen of cyprus

Cyprus is a dream island, where the beauty of nature and deep antiquity contrasts with brightness of modern cities. The island's climate is the most moderate and healthy in the world - this is why there are so many long-livers in Cyprus.

Buying property in Cyprus is a profitable investment, and the passport of Cyprus grants all the rights of an EU citizen.

The company "Solid Base Ltd" provides all services for the purchase of real estate and the selection of investment options in Cyprus. This is a state programme, which has a great popularity among investors - citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, China.

Conditions and advantages of the program:

  • The process of naturalization is simplified as much as possible. Buying a residential property worth 300 thousand euros, you automatically receive long-term residence status. After 5 years of residence in Cyprus, you get the right to apply for a passport for Cyprus.
  • With an investment of 2 million euros, it is possible to obtain the citizenship of Cyprus for the whole family (the spouse of the main investor and children under the age of 28).
  • It takes only 90 days to draw up passports!
  • No need to pass an examination for knowledge of history or language of the country!
  • No need to become a tax resident! In Cyprus, since 2017, the tax on real estate has been abolished.
  • Selling real estate after 3 years without having to pay income tax is possible. It only requires the presence of own residential property worth no less than 500 000 euros (which can further bring you income from the lease)

Investment options:

  • Government bonds.
  • Creation or purchase of Cyprus companies and investing into them.
  • Development projects.
  • Commercial real estate.
  • Residential Properties

Requirements for investors:

  • The investor must own residential property in Cyprus worth 500,000 euros.
  • The minimum investment amount is 2 million euro.
  • The investment period is at least 3 years.
  • Clean criminal record of the investor and his family members.

Our obligations:

  • We select, according to your wishes, the best property for you to purchase from more than 4,000 properties throughout Cyprus. Most of the objects for purchase are located in the resort areas.
  • We organize for you a free orientation tour.
  • We conduct legal consultations with the involvement of law firms and financial institutions.
  • We ensure the passage of the accelerated scheme for obtaining the citizenship of Cyprus. After you pick up the best option for purchasing property, you make a deposit of 5000-10000 euros and within a few weeks sign the contract and pay the purchase.

In sum: the simplicity of the procedure and the short processing times are huge advantages of our program, and you get a great opportunity to enjoy life on a paradise European island!

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