Недвижимость на Кипре

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Education in cyprus

Preschool education.

From the age of six months, babies can be given to the nursery. In kindergartens, children of age from three to six years undergo an educational course on the method of bilingual education, mainly in Greek and English. There are also Russian kindergartens. The working day of the kindergarten is 11-12 hours. A few days in a wee, kindergartens work at nights as well.

Primary and secondary education.

In Cyprus, education is mandatory to children of age from 6 to 15 years. There are private and Russian-language schools. The prices for education in English are the lowest in the world in this country. To study for free at the public school in Cyprus, you need a residence permit.

Higher education.

Higher education in Cyprus has three stages:

  • baccalaureate
  • magistracy
  • research degrees.

In comparison with other European universities, studying in Cyprus is inexpensive - 5 to 9 thousand euros per year. Diplomas of local universities are recognized all over the world.

All private universities on the island accept students without any entrance examinations.

The most promising areas of education are hotel business and tourism. According to the students` feedback, locals are very friendly to guests from other countries, so the process of adaptation takes little time.

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